Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Over and Weekdays Begin....

So you really could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend. The weather was just amazing. Got a lot of riding in over the weekend. I am now 337.58 miles worth of riding for the year. I am a little behind schedule but we have had some cold days in January that I just couldn't stand to go outside for a ride. I'm hoping to start riding between 400-500 miles a month once Spring starts. More daylight means more riding. I'm just thankful the wife is on board with my riding schedules. I thought she was going to be a bit annoyed with the amount of riding and racing I plan on doing this year.

So today I decided to start incorporating weight training into my regular training regimen. I went to the apartment complex gym and did some leg workouts on the weight machines. It actually felt pretty good trying something new. I'm hoping this will work some different muscles and helps build my core strength. I'm also concentrating pretty hard on my nutrition. I'm watching the foods I eat with the intentions of dropping some weight. Its time to be in complete control of my body.

So tomorrow, I plan on doing some good base miles on the Piedmont forest roads. I think 30 miles on a single speed mountain bike on these roads beats just about any other workout I can do. There are some awesome sustained climbs that work the legs just right. I plan on getting a couple of these rides under my belt before the Santos race next weekend.

Till later,
Keep the rubber side down!!

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