Monday, February 2, 2009

The Training Starts...But I Will Have Fun Doing It!

So its time to get serious on the bike. There are several rad mountain bike races coming up soon. This year I plan on hitting more endurance races. I am planning on adding a few 12 hour races to my calendar. I've been bitten by the road bike bug as well. To add to the fun of the year, I plan on doing at least one century a month on the road bike.

The road bike has been a great way to knock out those base miles lately. I mean, I really enjoy riding the mountain bike but it can be rewarding to knock out 60-70 miles in one day. Although, this past weekend I hit the mountain bike for a 30 mile ride in the Oconee National Forest. There is a group that meets once or twice a week for some long mountain bike rides on some killer forest service roads. Living in Middle Georgia, its hard to find any good climbing but these forest service roads offer several sustained climbs. This is good for training as it keeps the heart rate up.

So speaking of the ride plans, I am going to start February off with the Biking Bleckley Metric Century. This will be a good road ride to add some miles to the log. Once March rolls around, its going to be all about the mountain bike. March hosts the kickoff of the Georgia State Championship Series. I am glad the first race kicks off in my hometown of Macon, GA. The race is going to be held at East Macon Park. This trail is short (5 miles) but it offers some fast singletrack with plenty of room for passing. I still haven't decided what class I'm going to race this year. The Singlespeed class is always tempting but that is a pretty hardcore group of guys that race that class.

The next race on the list looks like its going to be the 12 hours of Santos in Florida. This has sounded like a pretty cool event. Its hosted by the folks at Gone Ridin' which always host some pretty cool events and do an awesome job keeping times.

Hopefully I'll add some more rides/races to the calendar soon.

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