Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flavor of the Week

So I'm going to start doing a flavor of the week deal. I recently got my hands on two of those Niner "Y.A.W.Y.D." stem caps. Its pretty much a stem cap that you can snap a bottle cap onto. So to make things a little more interesting, I'm going to have a flavor of the week. Each week I will put a new bottle cap on the Vassago and the Madone. I'll even post a little review of the beer I'm drinking.

This week's flavor goes to Yuengling Brewing. This is a pretty common beer in the Mid-Atlantic and even most of the Southeast now. Well, I live in Georgia. We are literally boxed in by states that sell Yuengling (Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama). But does Georgia get the good cheap beer? NO!! When I went to the bar the other night, the bar manager told me that the closest distributer to Georgia is in Jacksonville, FL. Apparently they aren't allowed to brew any more beer than what they already produce due to how much water that brewery uses. Hopefully we will get our own brewery soon. Till then, I will continue to pick up a case each time I go to Tennessee.

As far as the taste goes, Yuengling is a cheap beer. I paid like $6 for a 6 pack. The beer has a nice crisp, malty flavor with a nice smoothness to it as well. Yuengling is America's oldest brewery. They have survived wars, depression, prohibition, the red scare and even the dominance of Anheuser Busch. So this beer has most definitely earned my respect. If you see it, try it, enjoy it and love it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Trek Madone!!

Man, I'm pretty excited to have just gotten a new 09 Trek Madone 4.7. This almost completes my bike collection. I decided to get a road bike to use for some training and to ride a few centuries. I'm pretty stoked. I'm going to pick it up this afternoon.

12 Hours of Dauset

What a great weekend!! on Friday, I met up with Monte Marshall at Dauset Nature Trails and set up camp. After an incredible dinner, Monte and I geared up for a night ride. This was actually my first time mountain biking at night. Twilight was kinda hard to ride during but once it actually got dark, everything was much better.

On race day, I decided to not stress my back injury from last week's 4 hours of the pig race. So a got the beer cold and prepared to help the 4 man 12 hour "Team Collard Green". Throughout the race, I kept track of lap times and distances between our competitors. This race was literally neck and neck the whole day. 1st and 2nd places were constantly swapping back and forth and never more than 1 or 2 minutes apart. All the guys on "Team Collard Green" pushed some awesome lap times. In the end "Team Collard Green" finished just a few minutes behind 1st.

These team races were a lot of fun. Everyone has to work together and quite a bit of strategy is involved. Already looking forward to the Dauset Festival Duathalon.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Georgia Single Speed Championship

So its been nearly a week since my hometown of Macon, GA held the Georgia Single Speed Championship. It was a great weekend of beer drinkin' and bike ridin'!! On Saturday, I was lucky enough to actually get 3rd place in the Time Trial event. I was only a few seconds behind 2nd place. Saturday afternoon we did a Short Track event but by that time I had a few too many in my system which slowed me down even more than I normally am. I was happy to say that I didn't take last in the Short Track. Saturday night, a group of us got together and did an urban ride in downtown Macon. By the way, the Rookery (local bar) actually quit serving drafts now. Whats a bar without draft beer? They have probably lost my business now. After leaving there, we rode back to some friend's place for more beer (see the trend for this weekend). The next morning I woke up to a less than pleasant feeling. Not only was I not feeling so sharp, I was sunburned from being out all day on Saturday. I decided to skip the main race on Sunday and sat around drinking beer. A lot of the local guys took a podium stance during the weekend's races. Congratulations to all who did better than me!! :) Overall, the event ended well. A lot of great people came out and I would be safe to say that we all had a great time.

Listening to Music

You gotta love those evening when you just come home, sit back, drink a beer and through on some great tunes. So far this evening I have listened to two of The Damned's albums and currently listening to Hammerfall while creating this blog entry. Music guides my mind to many new trains of thought. Its nice to sometimes take life at a slower speed.