Tuesday, September 23, 2008

12 Hours of Dauset

What a great weekend!! on Friday, I met up with Monte Marshall at Dauset Nature Trails and set up camp. After an incredible dinner, Monte and I geared up for a night ride. This was actually my first time mountain biking at night. Twilight was kinda hard to ride during but once it actually got dark, everything was much better.

On race day, I decided to not stress my back injury from last week's 4 hours of the pig race. So a got the beer cold and prepared to help the 4 man 12 hour "Team Collard Green". Throughout the race, I kept track of lap times and distances between our competitors. This race was literally neck and neck the whole day. 1st and 2nd places were constantly swapping back and forth and never more than 1 or 2 minutes apart. All the guys on "Team Collard Green" pushed some awesome lap times. In the end "Team Collard Green" finished just a few minutes behind 1st.

These team races were a lot of fun. Everyone has to work together and quite a bit of strategy is involved. Already looking forward to the Dauset Festival Duathalon.

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