Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Adventures.....

So this weekend wasn't too bad. I wasn't as focused on riding as I have been the past couple of weekends. The weather was kind of shitty which called for more relaxing than anything else. Of course Saturday morning was Valentine's Day which is nothing more than Hallmark's way of getting more business. Aside from that last comment, the wife and I traditionally go to IHOP for a VDay meal. So Saturday morning we got up pretty early and headed for some pancakes. After stuffing ourselves with some awesome pancakes, we headed over to the local bike shop where one my buddies hooked me up with some awesome red and black Vredistein tires. They look great on my white/black/red Madone.

So by mid day, I'm just itching to get a ride in. All day long there was a light drizzle. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to ride. So I did what I haven't done before and I actually took my road bike out for a wet ride after putting the new tires on. The tires looked and performed great. I was pretty impressed with how little rolling resistance they had compared to my stock Bontrager tires. The only bad part about it was I think I pinched the front tire while I put it on which caused a tube blowout on the ride home. This sucked as I was left on the side of the road during the hardest part of the rain. Luckily, it didn't take long to change out the tube and I was back on the road.

By Saturday night, I was ready for some beers. I headed over to Jake Corwine's house to catch the Prologue stage of the Tour of California. The tour roster is pretty impressive this year. There is a lot of American talent in the cycling arena now. There is actually so much talent, its hard for me to choose a favorite. Of course Lance is one of my favorites but Levi, Zabriskie and Floyd Landis are on my list as well. Levi and Dave Zabrikie had impressive finishes in the Prologue TT. Lance wasn't too off either with his 10th place finish. Too bad he got the TT bike stolen from the team trailer the next day. Hopefully the jackass that took the bike will get whats coming to him. Unfortunately, Floyd Landis didn't have the best TT results. But I'm not really the one to critique a guy as good as Floyd and who has come back from such an extensive hip surgury. I'm glad he's back into the cycling community again and I look forward to seeing what kind of performance he is going to have this year.

So as Sunday rolled along, the wife and I decided to make an impromptu trip to the coast. So we got into the Jetta and hit I-16 for the two hour trip. The weather wasn't the greatest but it wasn't horrible either. Once in Savannah, we decided to try out a restaurant we hadn't been to before. We went to the Pirate House Restaurant. This place wasn't too bad. Its basically a southern style buffet in an old pirate lounge. The was a lot of cool history to the place. After a hearty lunch, we headed to the coast of Tybee Island (where we got married). The wind was unreal on the beach. We spent about 20 minutes just walking around and taking a few camera phone pictures before heading back to the car. We hadn't been to the beach since we got married over a year and a half ago. It was nice to have this quality time with the wife. This was especially nice for her as my weekends are going to be filled for the next few weeks with bike events.So once we were back in Savannah, we hit up Broughton Street. This place has really boomed in the past year and a half. There are a lot of new retail places that have opened up. This is great to see considering the state of the economy. After a few shops and a cup of coffee, we decided to head back home. The day was great! I was glad to spend the quality time with my wife and visit the beautiful low country.

Not as much riding was done this weekend but I can't complain. This week I'm gonna work on getting some base miles in when I can. I think I'll use the road bike a couple of days to ride to work. That will put about 25 miles per trip on the books. Then on Friday, its off to Florida for the 12 Hours of Santos. I think I'm gonna be ready.

Till next time, keep the rubber side down!

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