Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trainer Training....

After work I headed over to Bike Tech to figure out what size kit I needed to order. After acting like a teenage girl in American Eagle, I figured out what size to order. I'm really impressed with how good of a job Matt and the crew are doing with Bike Tech. Business has been looking pretty good over the past few months with more and more people getting into riding. Its great to still have Nate working the wrench. This is a shop I'm thankful to have in my local community.

By the time I finished sizing up my kit, I headed home for some dinner and relaxing. Since it still gets dark fairly early, I decided to hit the trainer tonight. The trainer can become my biggest enemy at times. I ride the trainer for the workout but sometimes it just bores the shit out of me. Tonight I did high paced intervals to get my heart rate high. I've gotta get this body weight down so I'll look smooth in my new kit. The entire time on the trainer, I couldn't keep enough water in me. I think I sweated more water than I took in. As for my training, my goal is to at least get on a bike everyday whether it be the trainer or actually riding outside.

Keep the rubber side down!!

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