Monday, February 16, 2009

Rode To Work Today...

So today I decided to get some base miles by riding the bike to work. Normally I would ride the commuter bike that is decked out with fenders, rear rack, comfy Brooks B17 saddle and panniers. But today I decided I was gonna ride the road bike. I'm am really addicted to my Madone. The bike just rides so smooth and has great response. I packed up my messenger bag and hit the road for a 12 mile ride to work. The ride there wasn't too bad. I did have to stop half way there to take off a layer since there was quite a temperature increase once the sun came up. The route that I have to take can be a bit sketchy in sections. There are a couple of bad neighborhoods I have to ride through and there is about a three mile stretch of road which scares the shit out of me. This stretch of rode is where I just clutch tight to my handlebars and pedal as hard as I can praying that I don't get struck by a car.

By the time I made it to work, I had just enough time to take a rinsing shower and get dressed. Around two o'clock, I was getting pretty ansy to get away from the desk and get back on the bike. Once five o'clock rolled around, I was out of the office so quick. The ride home, the wind had really picked up and was presenting quite the challenge. Not only that, one of my supervisor's drove by and beeped her horn which scared the shit out of me. Also, my messenger bag seemed to be more full on the ride home. I guess it was cause I didn't pack it as efficiently and had a few extra layers in the bag instead of wearing them. After getting home, I realized I am not going to ride my road bike to work anymore. The commuter bike is much more comfortable for navigating the downtown traffic and potholes. It sucks to dodge every crack and pothole on the road bike. Its also nice to carry everything in some panniers instead on my back. The load dispersment isn't as good on the back.

Overall it wasn't a bad day. I'm just thankful to get a nice ride in while we have such beautiful weather. Another positive note is that the club sizing kits are going to be in tomorrow. As soon as I get off work, I'll be heading down to the Bike Tech to figure out how fat I am and to order the appropriate size. The kit design looks awesome. Much applause goes to Brett Baron and Kristie Andrews for getting this stuff rolling. Brett has really put a lot of time into organizing the club. Its nice to have an open invitation club that is about riding. The Macon Chain Gang isn't only about racing or becoming the next Lance Armstrong. This club is for whoever likes to ride their bike. Its a diverse group of riders from all levels of experience. I'm really looking forward to the group rides that are going to start up soon.

Till next time,
Keep the rubber side down!!

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