Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Interpret......

So as usual, I sat down to watch the evening news. The evening news is pretty predictable as I am able to retrieve most of my current news before it hits the airwaves. This is in part is with thanks to the Internet. Although, there are times that the evening news is able to capture my eye with personal stories from around the world.

This evening, CBS aired a special on what the Obama presidency is about to inherit. This piece went into discussion about the terror in Afghanistan. In particular, the piece portrayed the extremist youth of this region of the middle east. I was quite shocked by what I saw next. On this day, Veteran's Day, the evening news showed real life footage of a young Islamic Extremist blowing up an American Humvee as it traveled through a rural tribal region of Afghanistan. I found this footage to be one of the most vivid and graphic displays that I have seen on public broadcasting.

My mind is still attempting to comprehend whether this should have been aired on the evening news. Reporters are always quick to discuss these events but rarely do we see the actual footage of an ambush on American troops. The memories of Uday and Qusay Hussein's deaths comes back to my mind after watching this. Do you remember when the broadcasting companies and newspapers all over the world showed the images of the two sons dead bodies?

Part of me thinks that we should never hide from reality. Another part of me ponders about whether we should view the dead (or the acts of causing death) on public broadcasting. My conclusion is not balanced. So I have attached the news piece for your viewing if you wish to see what exactly I was talking about. I do wish to make a warning about this footage as it is real and shows the act of taking another person's life. This warning was not given by the broadcast. Unfortunately I cannot edit the advertisement at the beginning of this video.

Remember those who have lost their lives.

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