Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Middle Georgia Mountain Bike Festival

This past weekend I attended the Middle Georgia Mountain Bike Festival. It was a fun packed weekend. There was a Duathalon on Saturday morning that went over pretty well considering all the rain we had the night before. After the Duathalon, we all divided up for group rides. I can only give positive statements about Dauset Nature Trails. This place is great. Middle Georgia is so very fortunate to have a place like this.
After the group rides, we all gathered for some bike games which included the huffy toss, tube popping contest (which I placed second in), the bike limbo (video attached below), bunny hop, tire toss, and the slow race. These games of course were accompanied by some adult beverages. Its always interesting gathering a bunch of adults and playing like we're 10 year old kids.After all the children were put to bed, we the adults really got to have their fun. This was for the start of the chariot races. The rules of the chariot race is that you are on a 2 person team. You have a bike that pulls a chariot (child carrier). Once the clock begins, the rider of the bike has to either shoot a shot or jug a beer then get on the bike, ride down the dirt road and back to the finish line in which the person in the chariot must switch and repeat. This of course adds for some crazy fun.After the chariot races, everyone just relaxed and soaked up the day around the fire. In all, this event went amazing. As I was getting into the truck on Sunday, I looked over to a buddy of mine and told him how much I hate when these events end. This weekend really showed how the bike community is like a family. We raised money for multiple causes (Arrowhead Park Restoration and the Scott Hodge Get Well Fund). As always, I look forward to the future events where our bike community can gather again.

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