Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knoxville, TN

So this week I have felt a bit homesick. Well, its not really homesick. I just have been reflecting on my childhood growing up in the greater Knoxville area. Its such a great place to grow up. Within one hour of the city you have a wide selection of natural wonders. There is the Smokies, the Cumberland Plateau, Norris Lake, the Tennessee River, the Ocoee (where the 1996 Olympic Whitewater event was held) and the Big South Fork. The mountains and streams were such a large part of my youth. I have skipped rocks, jumped into the lake from an overhead bridge, hiked up a mountain, rafted or tubed the river and rode the trails on the bike.

Not only is Knoxville surrounded by cool places, there is a wealth of cool things within the city. Knoxville has one of my all time favorite music stores. The Disk Exchange is full of new, old, shitty, great and even mediocre music. I used to walk into this store and spend hours (just ask my wife). Most of the guys here are pretty helpful.

Knoxville also has a great palate. There are great restaurants everywhere. My favorite in particular is this an Indian Cuisine called "The Sitar". This place offers some great chickpea curry.

Since Knoxville is the home of the University of Tennessee, of course there is a plentiful supply of watering holes. There are really way too many for me to list. I don't even really have a favorite because I left before I was legally able to drink. I have since been to a few but hope to explore more when I return.

So in conclusion, I do miss Knoxville. Why wouldn't I? Its a peaceful little spot on the earth. If you ever are passing through, which is quite possible thanks to I-75 and I-40, stop for a moment and explore the town. You may find yourself in the same frame of mind as myself.

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