Sunday, November 9, 2008

Awesome Weekend!!

This has been an awesome weekend. Sometimes in life, you just need stand back and appreciate what you have and realize that it can be taken from you without notice. On Saturday morning, some friends and I loaded up the bikes and headed North to Fort Yargo State Park to do some mountain biking. This ride was meant to be a benefit for a fellow biker, Scott Hodge. As posted in a previous entry, Scott Hodge got injured pretty bad in a recent motorcycle crash. The local mountain biking community got together and held a benefit ride to help Hodge out with his medical bills (no insurance). It was a beautiful day for the ride. The leaves are changing and the temperatures are getting cooler. This was the first time I have got to ride at Fort Yargo. The trails are awesome for a single speed. It was also amazing to see all the people that turned out for the ride. I left yesterday evening inspired by all the people in the local biking community. I was even more inspired by Hodge's attitude. This guy was in a brace and walking with a cane but he was all smiles. He has the attitude that nothing is going to keep him down.

So today (Sunday), the wife and I started the morning with a nice brunch at some friend's house and then left for a short drive over to Sprewell Bluff State Park. I can't mention enough about how beautiful the leaves are this time of year. I must say that autumn is my favorite season. Sprewell Bluff is a pretty cool park. There is a few miles of trails that wind up and down and all around the ridges that follow the Flint River. I didn't realize there was actually mountains in middle Georgia. The Flint River was really pretty too. It was a great feeling to be in the middle of nowhere and listen to the sounds of nature. Lately, I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with my wife due to her school and all the riding I have been doing. So it was really nice to escape from our busy lives and cherish our time together. I am really thankful to have a wife as wonderful as she is. So this weekend has certainly been awesome!!


Dean said...

Some of the Best Mountain Bike Trails in Middle Georgia Just down the Road from Sprewell Bluff at Camp Thunder. Same Terrain along the Flint River.

Jimmy Chuck Deane IV said...

Thats what I've heard. They have closed Camp Thunder's trails now. They are not allowed for public access anymore.