Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Life Should Be...

Its been nice to have the day off and relax, ride the bikes, watch a movie and listen to music. I haven't really taken the time lately to just to what I want to do. Well, today I did. Thats one of the things I'm thankful for.

This morning a got up and met up with a buddy at LH Thomson Trails for a mountain bike ride. As I heading to the trails, I passed a sign that said it was 30 degrees outside. I soon found out how true that was. We hit the trail about 8:30 and by 9 I was back in the car and heading home. My fingers, toes and ears were going numb. I under dressed for this ride. It was still cool to get a few miles in.

When I got home, the wife was already awake. We turned on the tube to enjoy a little Thanksgiving Parade action. I always love watching the parades. I don't know why but they seem pretty neat. Its one of the few traditional things that I appreciate. Towards the end of the parade, we started cooking up our mini feast for the two of us. This year we said screw the turkey. We're going to eat beef!! I fixed up some homemade mac n' cheese, sweet potato casserole, flaky biscuits and beef pot roast. Man was it good. As every American does on Thanksgiving, we ate too much. But we are thankful to have what we had.

The wife and I then watched a pretty cool movie. Its called "The Man Who Sued God". The movie is about a former lawyer who became a fisherman and his fishing boat got struck by lightning. The lightning destroyed his boat. When he went to claim it on his insurance, the claim was denied because of an act of God. Well, the fisherman thought this was pretty much bullshit and he knew he couldn't win a law suit against the big insurance company. So he decides to sue God. You need to watch the movie from here to understand what I mean by him suing God. Good movie though. It relates to my wife and I pretty was as she is about to be an attorney and I currently work for a big insurance company (we handle claims fairly though).

So now its about mid day and I am itching for a ride. I haven't got to ride much lately due to how early it gets dark. By the time I get home, it is almost dark. With everyone either out of town or celebrating Thanksgiving with family, I had no one to ride with. So I got on my road bike and headed out for a solo ride. I pretty much had the road all to myself. There were very few cars. I didn't really have any particular route in mind when I left the house. I just decided to take a left here, take a right there, go straight one way and turn left another. I just got out and rode. Riding solo gave me the opportunity to just relax and sort through all my thoughts. By the time I got home, I had rode the bike nearly 40 miles. It was a great ride with awesome weather.

So now I'm back home unwinding with nothing in particular planned. Its so nice to have a day without any kind of schedule. While sitting here, I am shuffling through some great music I haven't listened to in a while. My current Thanksgiving soundtrack includes the likes of Richard Thompson, Daniel Johnston, Nirvana and Ryan Adams. I am really digging the Daniel Johnston. His stuff can be hard to listen to for most but if you listen beyond the sound and interpret the lyrics, its amazing. Richard Thomson is amazing as well. As for Nirvana and Ryan Adams, their great. They don't need any explanation.

Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You In The End

So my Thanksgiving has been great. Life is good. Tomorrow I am going to work refreshed and will be glad not to be getting involved with the Black Friday shopping. I personally am choosing not to buy anything tomorrow because I feel that our constant consumer desires are part of our economic problems. Yes, there are many things that are too blame but Americans have the constant desire to spend money. This is a problem for myself as well. Its hard to get over. When these times are hard, we need to use this time to focus on controlling our overspending and put money away. If you do go out to shop tomorrow, I stress that you try to buy from locally owned businesses as it will help strengthen your local economy. So there's my $.02. Take it for what its worth. Hope everyone has had a great holiday!!

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