Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes We Can

The election is coming up soon. Every four years, this moment excites me. This is the chance for us as Americans to stand up and vote. Beyond popular belief, you do have a choice of who to vote for. You do not have to vote Democrat or Republican. There are many third parties as well. I encourage our nation to stand up and vote.

As many of you know, I support Barack Obama. He has strength, diplomacy, charisma, faith, honor and hope. I hope our nation sees the same in him. He will stand up for the common American. He will protect and defend our country. I believe this without a doubt.

Enjoy your vote this November!!


gwadzilla said...

watching Bill Maher right now

love how he explains things

looking forwards to tomorrow SNL

Sarah Palin is going to be on
this is going to me a piece of comic history

not sure why SNL would risk it

will have to see it
as you know
Tina Fey is Fricken Hot!

gwadzilla said...

I meant as you know...

I think Tina Fey is Fricken Hot!