Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Really Pumped for The Election....

Its winding down. Just a few days left. I have put my heart into this campaign. It means so much to me to for Senator Obama to be elected as the President of the United States. The question is not about is he a "terrorist" or a "muslim." The questions we need to ask ourselves is who can do the most for our country? Sen. Obama has proven his passion for the common people. He has shown his voting record. He has shown his diplomatic strength. He has shown us his plan. Sen. Obama's tax plan is for the majority of America. 95% of Americans will benefit more from Sen. Obama's tax plan than from John McCain's. I don't want to bash Sen. McCain anymore. He has done many great things in our countries past. But our country needs some fresh air. If you are concerned about the issues, research the truths. Don't just listen to TV ads or radio talk shows. Our country is hurting. We need to make a change from the administration of the previous eight years. We need change we can believe in.

If you didn't get to see Sen. Obama's plan for the nation last night, check it out.

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