Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard Hit to the Head.....

So, this past week I built my wife up a sweet little Surly Cross Check as a single speed for now. On Thursday Oct. 9th, it was our 3 year anniversary of when we first met. So last Thursday, I spent all day at Bike Tech of Macon building up the bike. It worked out great!! I got the bike done in time to give to my wife once she got done with class.

So I loaded our bikes up on the car and we headed down to the river walk. After a few minutes of getting her used to the new brakes and handlebars, she was off like a champ. We rode for about an hour or so. We made a pit stop or two, watched some rugby and even watched some cows in a pasture while heading down to the Macon Water Works. She rode the new bike really well. She became comfortable riding it faster and faster. As the night came upon us, we finished the ride back at the car. She was so happy with the new bike.

So on Saturday, she and I decided to try to get a quick ride in. This time we decided to ride out from the house and ride around the local neighborhood. She was riding fine. I wanted her to lead since I had the blinky light on my bike. We were riding at about 10-12 mph when a sharp 90 degree turn came up. I cautioned her but I don't think she heard me. She tried to turn but her instincts were not up to speed. I yelled for her to brake but it was too late. All of a sudden, my poor wife was heading straight for the curb in the middle of the turn. I saw it all happen. She screamed that she was going to wreck and then that was it. She went over the bars and flew about 5 feet through the air. She landed straight on her head.

I quickly just abandoned my bike and let it roll into someones yard and started running to where she had fallen. She was all twisted up and lying in the grass with no response. I panicked! Some neighbors ran out of their house and I yelled for them to call the ambulance. It was the scariest feeling seeing the one you love the most just lying on the ground, lifeless. Luckily she landed in a police officer's yard and he came out to assist. Thats when I saw blood pooling up behind her head. I didn't know what to think.

Within minutes, the paramedics were on site and a few minutes after that, she came too. Thats when I knew things would be at least better. It was such a relief seeing her open her eyes and yell my name. They loaded her into the ambulance and off to the hospital we went. She was put in a trauma center where they took cat scans and such. Thankfully, everything was ok. She just had a bad concussion to the head. The nurse stitched her head gash and she was released after 3 1/2 hours.

I can't express how thankful I am that she is ok. I also am thankful she was wearing a helmet. Without that helmet, I don't think she would be here today. She is doing better as I am typing this. Currently she doesn't have anymore pain than just a headache. She has already made mention of getting back on the bike. I think we will wait a few more days till she gets well rested.

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