Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Commuting By Bike

So I have commuted to work by bike a couple of times. Its not the easiest route to get to my work. Its not too far either. My commute on the bike only consists of about 18 miles round trip but the roads I take aren't very bike friendly. For that matter, no road in Georgia seems to be very bike friendly. The biggest battle I really have is not the route. Its actually gathering myself together to actually take the time to do the bike commute. You see, a bike commute is more than just riding to work. There is a lot more mental preparedness that you have to take. Getting up earlier and actually committing yourself to riding to work is harder than you might think. Well, I actually came across an article on the "Commute By Bike" website that gave some insight into making your commute easier. Check it out and maybe you too will overcome any mental obstacles of commuting to work by bike.

Here is an old picture of me returning home from a commute during a tornado watch. The sirens had actually gone off during my ride home. The wife took the picture to show how crazy I was. :)

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