Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Tuesday Night Road Bike Group Ride of The Year..

Tonight was the first Tuesday night road bike group ride of the year and man did everyone who owns a bike show up. We all started out as one huge group of 30-40 + riders and headed out at a moderate pace. After about 8-10 miles, we hit the hills and dropped quite a few people. By the time we were done with the hills, I was starting to bonk out. I lost sight of the "A" group but was never caught by the "B" group. Since this was the first time I rode on the weekly group ride, I didn't really know the route. With that said, I decided to head back to the car when I lost sight of everyone at an intersection. Logged in 26 miles for the evening and felt great! There is also a ride on Thursday nights that I'll ride but I think I'm gonna find out the route this time.

Keep the Rubber Side Down!!

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